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The Central Interior features classic mountain and plateau country. It sweeps in a wide band across the middle of the province and contains some of the longest natural lakes in BC, including Babine Lake and the dammed Ootsa Reservoir north of Tweedsmuir Park. Protected areas in this area are smaller than in the Cassiar region to the north, since logging occurred early on and foreclosed the opportunity to preserve a vast wilderness, but they are still spectacular and important.

Hiking, horse-riding, and fishing are all popular in this region, and the Babine Mountains offer all three, as well as being a favorite ski spot in the Bulkley Valley. Nordic skiers and snowshoers enjoy the 26 km (16 mi) circuit into Silver King Basin, while the nearby Babine River is known as the world's greatest steelhead river and supports one of Canada's premier salmon runs. The area is also a world-class rafting and river kayaking location.

Subboreal spruce is the predominant forest of the Central Interior Region, but other common forest types include boreal white and black spruce, Engelmann spruce-subalpine fir, white spruce, interior cedar-hemlock, and black cottonwood riparian forests. A key feature of this region are the rare stands of old-growth Douglas fir and pine. The central interior is nourished by the waters of the Skeena and Nass rivers, and contains the headwaters of the mighty Fraser river. Exceptional wetlands are found in the area, which provide important waterfowl nesting habitats for migratory birds, while the Stellako River near Francois Lake supports endangered white sturgeon.

Important wildlife populations in this region include caribou, mule deer, white-tailed deer, black-tailed deer, moose, black and grizzly bear, wolf, mountain goat, marten, and fisher.

We invite you to explore the following parks:

Babine River Corridor Provincial Park

Babine Mountains Provincial Park

Omineca Provincial Park and Protected Area

Carp Lake Provincial Park

South Chilcotin-Spruce Lake Wilderness

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