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BC's Great Wild Spaces

British Columbia is a wilderness lover's mecca. The province's beauty, and diversity of parks and protected areas, is world class. But few people, including British Columbian's, have experienced more than but a tiny part of this vast province.

The Great Wild Spaces website was developed by BC Spaces for Nature as a comprehensive resource for getting to know BC’s parks and protected areas. This extensive website provides information on the location, geography and wildlife of many of BC’s parks and protected areas. It is a great resource for visitors & includes maps, recreation opportunities, and access directions.

As well, it is a unique repository of information on the conservation history of many of these parks. Much of this information is relatively unknown, and is essential for British Columbians to know if we intend to preserve these areas over the long term.

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Look for this banner link on selected pages to access comprehensive information about it's Great Wild Space:

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It’s a great resource for visitors, and all British Columbians alike. Visit Great Wild Spaces

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