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On this page are all documents that are available on this site. Select, in-depth publications on the environment and the economy.

Tourism and Protected Areas Management in British Columbia A background report prepared for BC's Parks Legacy Panel
by Ethos Environmental Inc.
10 page PDF document - 36k Save Button
Economic Benefits of British Columbia's Provincial Parks The economic value of tourism. 27 page PDF Document - 128k Save Button
BC Parks 1970 Overview map of BC's park area in 1970. 1 page PDF document - 52K Save Button
BC Parks 1990 Overview map of BC's park area in 1990. 1 page PDF document - 40K Save Button
BC Parks 2000 Overview map of BC's park area in 2000. 1 page PDF document - 48K Save Button
BC Spaces for Nature Information Brochure Who we are and what we do. 2 pages PDF document - 148K Save Button
Tatshenshini-Alsek Briefing Document The story behind the successful campaign to protect North America's Wildest River. 22 page PDF document - 3.5MB Save Button
Jobs and Environment: Moving British Columbia into the 21st Century Report prepared for the BC Ministry of the Environment, Land and Parks 67 page PDF Document - 272K Save Button
Wild Economics Comments by David Neads for the Cariboo-Chilcotin Conservation Society 3 page PDF file - 20K Save Button
Map of Special Management Zones Single page map illustrating BC's Special Management Zones 1 page PDF document - 148K Save Button
Keeping the Special in Special Management Zones - A Citizen's Guide Written by Jim Cooperman, published by BC Spaces For Nature 118 page PDF document - 360 KB Save Button

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