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Wilderness Tourism

BC Spaces for Nature has been groundbreaking in its use of tourism as a tool to protect wilderness. Coming from the perspective that much of BC’s growing tourism industry relies on our beautiful wild landscape, we have made the case to protect several key wilderness areas.

We have also developed and implemented the highly successful Tourism Zonation System (TZS), a unique landuse planning approach that allows tourism to be planned in an environmentally sensitive and economically viable way.

BC Spaces for Nature has also been involved in addressing the issue of tourism tenures in BC Provincial Parks. This has included working with the tourism industry to define acceptable tenure terms and using a state of the art report card system to create effective regulation of tenure in order to assure only high quality tourism takes place in our parks.

To read more about this innovative tourism planning follow the links below...

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Tourism Zonation System:
Land Use Planning For Environmentally Responsible Tourism

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Tourism Tenures in Parks:
Tourism Industry-ENGO Working Group Recommendations On Park Use Permits

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Lillooet-Lytton Tourism Diversification Project

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Tourism Zone Map

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